You and Web Design

The medical coding and billing online program  page could improve its design by using a better logo the career step one is ew. There is a lot of space and a lot of information. Putting less information and make the info that is kept bigger and more prevalent by using less lengthy paragraphs and simple large subtitles. Its design is too centered as well I prefer web pages that are left aligned in most cases (with the exception of portfolios). The experience needs to be simpler with a more narrative feel by using welcome phrases and step by step instructions and info. Less information on one page uses specific catchy phrases like the one at the top. Rather than having all the info on the one page it could be split up into sections with next arrows to feel simpler. Also, the color scheme is ugly and the pictures are bleh in my opinion. All in all Get some interesting photos and a new logo. Decrease the empty space and decrease the amount of info while increasing the font sizes and maybe use a heavy font in certain areas instead of changing the font color. Lastly get a better color scheme.